Rules for FB boats / Regler för FH båtar

Boats connected to FH can use our facilities according to the following rules:

  1. Bua Båtsällskap offer/allocate space for boats displaying the FH mark (see point 3). The FH scheme only applies to boats that have paid for a fixed berth in a home harbor.
  2. A boat with a fixed berth in an FH-affiliated harbor can stay as a guest for up to three days without paying harbor fees. A new three-day period can begin after three days of absence. For longer stays, the applicable harbor fees must be paid.
  3. Boats participating in the FH scheme must display the current year’s FH mark. The mark should be placed in a visible location for the harbor authority. Receipts for fees paid in the home harbor should be shown upon request.
  4. The FH scheme can only be used in connection with holiday and leisure sailing and should not be used as a ‘parking space.’ To avoid misunderstandings, the relevant harbor authority should be contacted if the boat is left for more than one day. The harbor authority determines whether harbor fees should be paid.

When you arrive at BBS harbor, which is located in the outer harbor basin:

  1. Note that BBS has relatively small spaces! Boats over 30 feet (9 meters) can be challenging to place. In such cases, we recommend Bua Guest Harbor in the inner basin.
  2. Dock at an empty space or the service dock near the mast crane.
  3. Contact someone in the harbor or call +46767894961 (Rolf) or +46705226816 (Daniel) or +46708267184 (Ulf) You will then be directed to a suitable spot.
  4. You will receive a key for the garbage room and a tag to access the clubhouse. The clubhouse offers a toilet with a changing table, seating, a small kitchen, and a TV.
  5. Showers and a washing machine are available near the motorhome parking area. A fee may apply.
  6. There are no extra fees at BBS!
  7. Trash should be disposed in therefore designated area
  8. Upon departure, place the key/tag in the mailbox outside the restroom in the clubhouse
  9. If you forget to leave the key, send it to the address indicated on it!”